Written by Trini Rogando – Instagram: trini.writes

her:         dreams lie in movies she 
watches with large bowl eyes, where
women are hounded by persistence
and escorted through the dog-eat-dog world.

she sees something tantalizing in
the star-softness of the petting zoo, the
resilience of the floorboards, the soulful
gazes that cuddle around her nerves—

her cinematic heart tastes as sweet as 
the worship she jaws on—and it is as addicting
as the moon’s curvature she inhales, projecting 
blinding light upon juicy red-licked wounds.

his: tangled spaghetti visions are
relegated to nothing but canine smacking, 
saliva coagulated underneath  
wound tongues—

soon his matted smirk will be
slathered over her limp frame,
dialects of love gathering at the
sides of his mouth and dripping

onto the starving, chaste floor, 
melting into order and clattering
into compliancy. he claws at his collared collation
with fur for fingers, tomato-flavored fantasies, until 

they:    peel the skin from each other’s fruit; they watch,
but do not see the ripened yet rotten flesh 
shrouded in the silent dark.

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