Written by Nishi Nandineni
Art by Sofia Alejandra

It wasn’t the way she heard it was.
The sun was still shining, the birds were still chirping, and yes, she could still hear the sweet sound of laughter.
And most of all, the world hadn’t stopped.  Instead, it spun, the girl’s memories dancing in the air, her eyes clinging onto her imagined thoughts. She felt vulnerable— exposed— as if every tear she shed, was a secret spilt.
She always felt whole. Composed, together. But now… the only thing she felt was the pit of emptiness that sat in her heart begging for the piece that was once there.
The piece that was now gone forever.
Death was never permanent in the girl’s eyes. She hoped that the belief of a life beyond would take away the permanence death brought with it. Temporary was always good–things were never the same, and they never would be. There was no forever, and all she could do was hope that the same applied to the fragment of her heart that she seemed to have lost, on that day.
The very day in which she’d realize that the one thing she loved, would never be found again.