Written by Callie Cheng
Art by tookapic

When his darkest highness,
Came to call,
She asked me what,
Of her I’d recall.

And perhaps it’d be
That coal dust voice,
Which, frail to ears,
Might breath she hoist.

But lovely wasn’t,
That way she left?
Her hair to flowers,
As those winds did theft?

And those butterflies,
That minced her bones,
Like the words between us,
Left unknown.

For stolen from me,
Did so the lord,
The dark one when,
He struck her chord.

He sang the slumbers,
From her eyes,
Those crystal’d stars,
To shush their cries.

She asked me, but,
The dark one commands,
To leave silence where,
He’s moved his hand.

So seal my lips!
Until that eve,
When dark,
He lets my mind perceive.