Written by Callie Cheng
Art by Ekrulila

I sit on the crest
Of a teardrop moon,
The wind’s a soft lullaby:
My sweet cocoon.

Kissed by flames
Are blistered my feet,
And oh, do I ache,
From The Sorrow King’s fleet.

But as I drink and swallow,
The mountaintop view,
Though my journey’s been taint,
Of a bittersweet hue:

She tastes of tranquility,
And I breath my words out,
Mapping ink on the white,
To retrace my route.

There’s blooming inside me,
Dancing twirls in bliss,
And she’s painted my eyes,
To be content with this.

But that frail petal’d creature,
One day shall be wilt,
So grab me my sword,
Perseverance by the hilt.

Carve me in stone,
The labours I’ve lost,
And in gold, of my victories,
Here, I’ll emboss.

I’ve diamond a spine,
But now here it shall rest,
For this view here is mine,
And of mine I have won.

The World’s stopped burning,
At its edge,
So I’ll drink to my mountaintop,
And look on from my ledge.