Written by Aryan Pandey
Art by Pixabay

Anger in love has always been seen,
But none of the two’s ever mean.
Be it a father, Be it a mother.
Be it a brother, Be it a sister.
Anger in love has always been there,
What arbitrates is affection and care
You’ve anger in love with utmost warmth and care,
But remember for some no one’s there.
When loveables admonish you hard,
You think they intentionally broke your heart.
But this is never the case,
There’s more agony inside than the veracity in voice or face.
You’ll not perceive anger took out the bad and made you the perfect one,
You think it made you someone who needs none.
And then you’ll see your fulfilled fear,
You were the one who strayed his dear.
You just had some good intentioned anger in your love with care,
But now, alas! You’re part of some for whom no one’s there.
Anger and love will always go hand in hand,
They can’t be separated even by a magical wand.