Written by Callie Cheng
Art by Eva Elijas

Golden Jessie asked me if,
I’d like to sail away.
And of ruby ships and sapphire seas,
What else was I to say?

For us diamond boys,
Were mined from coal,
Where life and lustre do decay,
So tell me sir, what else were we to say?

She sailed us off the coasts of time,
And beyond skirts of night and day,
And from my cave I’d known not skies nor stars,
So what else was I to say?

We dug for treasures in the sands of life,
Finding merriment where the hedon’s chest lay,
And marking X’s where we stowed memories away,
Is there anything else to say?

We came from a thousand different veins of rock,
Of molten blood, were not our families they,
Not when it’s the pirate boys who’ll save my life,
Oh what else can I say?

We sailed to nowhere for we followed no maps,
But followed our where our hearts were empty and found that the way,
Was to each other,
And I believe that there’s nothing else to say.