Written by Aditya Musa
Art by Inga Seliverstova

Did I just see blood around me?
Is it a delusion? Or did I fail to see?

As far as my memory rewinds,
Yesterday was breezy and there was the sound of my wind chime.

But today, my worst nightmare came true
Window panes broken and devastation was all my mind drew.

Was there an invader or a gunman inside?
Debris and broken timber my eyes saw beside.

There is Bruno, my dog
But why is he tied to a wooden log?

Was there a flood? Or had a volcano erupted?
Failed to think, my mind and I, both happened to be disrupted.

If only my dog could talk and explain to me what had come to pass.
Probably an earthquake or maybe someone could have trespassed.

Just as I was starting to find myself at the mercy of time,
I heard the familiar tintinnabulate of my wind chime.

Exuberant I was, there was still hope.
Escaped death when I was just too close.

The log of wood broke, the debris vanished.
It was the magic of the blessed times that replenished.

Not a reality, it was my worst nightmare.
Woke up with a blessing, learnt that life isn’t always unfair.