Written by Callie Cheng

Foxy, Foxy,
Stole my heart,
Crept in the den,
And tore it apart!

‘Round you went,
All wrapped in coy,
And purred so soft,
To vex this boy.

Silver mane
Did shed in here,
And left a mess,
You have, my dear.

Stars be-dazzled
In your eyes,
And moon’s the vixen,
Next my sunrise.

Father tells me,
Not to lie,
With demons,
Nor Hu-Li sly,

And Mother says,
I shan’t Kou-Tou
The heavens and earth,
Beside a Kumiho!

But I think I love,
My Kitsune,
And if love’s a gamble,
Then together let’s play.

So somersault,
Just once for me,
And fox no longer,
Might you be,

And land you
In my arms at last,
A woman with—
Her nine-tails cast!