Written by Ridhima Munjal
Art by Zetong Li

The crepuscule sky stares at you
In this world.
it’s silent colours bleeding into
one another.
An aching gold enfolds a restful blue
In its fragile embrace.
You gaze at this void and
How many lives are tucked between
these folds of the sky ?
The ones we cannot hold and tint
with our withering hands.
You look down at your feet
on this earth,
Unable to carry the weight of this eternity
in your transient eyes.
One day,
You will tear open the sky,
and touch a cosmos
dappled with the hues of your existence.
You close your eyes and feel
life breathing inside your body.
Your heart is throbbing
in your chest.
You are alive.
You have always been alive.
And, in this fading minute,
You can sense yourself smiling
at this ether,
and the world concealed
beyond it.