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Exploring “What If’s” with Callie Reiff

“‘What If’s’ is about relationships and the ups and downs that come with each decision we make. I wanted the production to have a certain ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ feeling melodic as the lyrics are pretty dark. As I was producing the song, I also realized how it related to the pandemic and how everyone was just surviving on ‘what ifs.’ None of us were really sure how life would pan out. It was crazy to think about but it also motivated me to get the song out there as soon as we could for people to hear.”

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Breaking Boundaries with Alma Grace

“Representation is important and it’s vital to tell stories that don’t just traditionally fit the mainstream pop narrative. I’m telling the story of my own life, and I happen to come from a very mixed, multicultural background. If I can help others feel seen and heard by telling my own story, it will all be worth it. If my music can encourage people through hard times or help them celebrate the accomplishments and love in their lives, that’s all I can ever ask for.”

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